Jaguar APP File Festival

08 de Abril , 2013     

Work Abstract - English

The cybernetic thought relates to human and machine in a sensible and pragmatic context. To give intelligence to the machine is the next big challenge since the creation of the algorithm, with Babage and Lovelace as fathers of the differential machine and the first programming code. The artificial intelligence turns into the new alchemy, the container of the human collective memory, out of the oral tradition, a quantic jump since the invention of writing towards dynamic contents. The digital world is the fake sensible world. While the learning process of machines keeps growing, Google deforms our collective memory, Facebook attempts against our intimacy, turning our life into trade products in a society of constant simulation of freedom, the great success of the technocrat and neoliberal system.

Our installation consists of an animal face of light, which interacts with rhythms and sounds generated by the visitor, smart and unexpected, creating a dialogue.

Our performatic installation is the gesture of giving sensible life to the artificial intelligence, creating a ludic situation between the visitor and the disguised machine or informatics golem (Margarita Schultz, 1998). This work is a critique to the hostile scenario of a hyper-connected society and, at the same time, as a possible scenario of sensible relation between man and machine by the performatic activation of the visitor. The creation of music creates a new language, in this particular case, between a disguised animal mask and man. We generate a simulation with the animal being, a connection with the savage force of the spontaneous, an oracle that communicates by a universal language, the rhythm.